What is Seasons?

The primary source of personal involvement and community at The Rock church.

Seasons is a volunteer oriented program placing huge importance on building community and relationships within the church.

Seasons puts you in control of your time commitment

Choose to serve in increments of: 3-6 months | 6-9 months | 9-12 months

The Vision

To create an environment that lends itself to strong communal relationships by effectively utilizing every gift that God has sent to The Rock.  We are working to eliminate burnout by implementing seasonal commitments and empowering the individual to determine his or her level of involvement.

Seasons Sign Up

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I never knew that I’d create life long relationships through serving at The Rock. Bonnie

Wednesday Night Awana


I need help with Planning Center

• Welcome each person as they arrive
• Engage with people
• Accompany guests to areas of the church

Children’s Check-in Assistant
• Check-In Visitors
• Assist with self-service check-in
• Explain the check-in/check-out process to guests

Children’s Check-out Assistant
• Facilitate safe and speedy check-out for children

Rock Concierge
• Go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome
• Be knowledgeable in the current events at the church
• Answer questions from members and guests
• Provide cheerful direction for guests

• Help guests find a comfortable place to sit in the sanctuary
• Pass and collect offering buckets during service
• Provide cheerful direction for guests

Parking Assistant
• Systematically direct cars to park before service
• Ensure guests are directed to the correct entrance
• Ensure that cars leave the parking lot in an orderly, efficient fashion
• Assist some individuals in and out of their cars, as needed

Ministry Representative
• Hang out in the lobby before and after service
• Be knowledgeable in the ministry you represent
• Answer questions for those looking to be involved

Balcony Connector
• Spend time before, during, and after service in the balcony
• Welcome guests and regular attendees
• Keep the balcony refresh table stocked and clean

Refresh Greeter
• Prepare the refresh tables before services
• Ensure the refresh tables that will be located throughout the church are stocked and clean
• Clean up the refresh tables following services


  • Take pictures during services and at special church events
  • Upload pictures to a designated computer for church use in advertising and various promotional items

Graphic Designers

  • Create graphics for use in print, video, and web.

Video Editors

  • Edit video of services or other special events


  • Discuss fresh, cutting-edge ideas for special services

Advertising Council

  • Create unique advertising for the general public
  • Create clever advertising for the church family about events within the church

Branding Specialist

  • Create a brand that helps distinctly identify The Rock

Apparel Designer

  • Maintain on-trend apparel for The Rock Store


  • Gather information on church history
  • Interview early church members
  • Compile information in one write-up

Playlist Creators

  • Create playlists to be used before/after services and at special events

Events Planners 

  • Assist in coordinating details of all events
  • Conduct meetings with the event department
  • Assist with delegation of responsibilities

Detail Specialist

  • Work with the Planner/Assistant Planner to coordinate details
  • Book entertainment such as guest speakers
  • Propose new ideas on how to improve events

Event Advertisers

  • Promote events within the church
  • Ensure event promotion is started in a reasonable amount of time to adequately draw attention

Event Crew

  • Set up and tear down for scheduled events


  • Assist in creating/executing the overall look and feel of a special event
  • Assist in decorating
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Visit potential venues, as needed
  • Plan seating charts/layout


  • Ensure dates for annual events are reserved
  • Coordinate with staff members to schedule department specific events
  • Book caterers/venues, as needed

Serve from Home

Lambs List

  • Data entry of visitor forms into the software program, Lambs List

Connections Coordinator

  • Call/email to follow-up with visitors from the Guest Card information

Social Media Manager

  • Update and reply to posts on social media sites

Audio Engineers

  • Run live audio during services
  • Mix voices, instruments, and media to create a premium sound experience
  • Available for a rotating schedule
  • Available for Thursday evening and 8am Sunday morning practices on a rotating schedule
  • Approachable, personable, and willing to adapt to changing circumstances

Stage & Set Designer

  • Use creative websites and social media to keep updated on church design.
  • Use strong creative abilities to envision and accomplish new stage designs
  • Maintain a budget and shop for deals
  • Manage multiple Seasons teams on specific assignments throughout the building process

Lighting Engineer

  • Use lighting to create mood and environment for worship services
  • Attends weekly worship practices on a rotating schedule
  • Studies and trains for various lighting equipment used on a regular basis
  • Stay in touch with current lighting trends by researching other churches for fresh ideas

LiveStream Engineer

  • Produce an audio mix that is set out via LiveStream to The Rock’s online campus
  • Monitor audio through both Sunday morning services
  • Audio engineers attend worship practices on a rotating basis

Technical Support

  • Proficient on Mac and PC
  • Trained or able to learn ministry related software
  • Knowledgeable on local networks
  • Available before and during services as support

Video Producer Assistant

  • Operate a video switcher
  • Direct camera operators on specific shots and angles
  • Work closely with the Technical Director and Video Producer
  • Available for Thursday evening and 8am Sunday morning band practices
  • Available to run the video switcher during both Sunday morning services

Video Camera Operator

  • Operate a video camera and capture camera shots during the Sunday services
  • Work closely with the Technical Director, Video Producer, and Video Producer Assistant
  • Available for Thursday evening and 8am Sunday morning band practices
  • Available to run one camera during one or both Sunday morning services

  Nursery Assistant

  • Love on children ages 0-3
  • Ensure safe check-in/check-out of children from the nursery
  • Clean up nursery room after each service

Teacher Assistant

  • Love on children ages 3-12
  • Ensure children are engaged during worship time
  • Make copies, pass out papers, assist in classroom projects

Youth Supporter

  • Assist with setup and tear down for various youth activities
  • Assist in coordinating youth events
  • Be flexible to jump in where needed to enhance the overall ministry


  • Worship team member
  • Attend and participate in practices on Thursday evenings
  • Attend and participate in early morning practices on Sundays
  • Be willing to audition
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Band Members

  • Proficient Instrumentalist
  • Understanding of musical style
  • Available for Thursday evening practices and 8am Sunday practices
  • Commitment to independent practicing
  • Willing to audition

Production Assistant

  • Work closely with the producer
  • Troubleshoot with the audio and lighting engineers, LiveStream and media
  • Run cords, be willing to assist wherever needed

Maintenance Experts

  • General knowledge and skill of building maintenance

Room Coordinators

  • Walk an assigned area of the church periodically to help ensure that area is in good order

Sunday Setup Coordinators

  • Set-up specific areas of the church in preparation for regular and occasional Sunday activities

Office Assistant

  • Data entry
  • Assist with administrative tasks

Shuttle Service

  • Drive a route before and after each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening service to pick up church members on a rotating schedule
  • Signing off on a background check is required